Turfcare New South Wales

Product 1

Turfcare NSW is a wholly Australian owned and operated company that has been continuously trading since 1996.
The business was conceived with one main objective…To service the commercial turf and horticultural industry with a range of quality products and s ervices designed to meet the needs of the turf care professional.
The company manufactures and exclusively imports and distributes a vast range of goods. The product range encompasses turf seed, specialist fertilizers, chemicals, analytic services, and delivers a service second to none throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.
Turfcare NSW is now the exclusive importer of the renowned Floratine range of Turf products.
As an organization we are committed to a practical research and development programme, which in the past has seen the introduction of many successful fertilizer, seed and chemical products.Product 2
The programme is industry driven and is the result of ongoing consultation with important Turf professionals throughout Australasia.
Our customers are serviced directly by Turfcare NSW trained territory managers, all of which are industry orientated, participating in ongoing technical training supplied by multi-national fertilizer and chemical companies, as well being committed to a high level of customer satisfaction.

Shane Summerhayes
Managing Director

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