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Nirwana Bali Golf Tour

Nirwana Bali Golf


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King's Private College in Sydney - Oval is looking fantastic!

King's Private College

King's Private College

King's Private College


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Taree Races & Educational Day



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Laser Works at Scott's College


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Having established the business in 1996 Shane Summerhayes proudly boasts that he and his passionate team at Turfcare are “The Turf Strength People”. 

Producing, importing, as well as distributing an extensive range of goods, the folks at Turfcare specialise in anything from turf seeding, professional fertilizers, and chemicals to consultation services. 

After spontaneously landing a job, working for a fertilizing distribution company for over four years, Shane never expected that he could one day call himself a managing director of a company that provides efficient services to some of Australia’s most well known sports stadiums.  “I sort of fell into the job. I was never going to get into sales,” admits Shane.  

Shane SummerhayesOriginally setting out to take part in a business venture between himself and an ambitious partner, Shane was left to run the business alone when his partner sadly passed away three years later. A learning experience that seems to have represented a turning point in his career, Shane realised that sales was the place for him, particularly because he appreciated dealing with people from all walks of life. 


“We’ve got a wide range of people that we deal with day to day and every one of them is different, so you’re talking to different people every day and that’s what keeps it exciting.”

Shane believes that one of the most satisfying components of his job is seeing a job through and admiring the end result.

“Definitely seeing the end result of a job. We’re working with golf courses, and various sports grounds, for instance the Sydney Cricket Ground, we do a fair bit of work for them, or ANZ stadium, when you see that on TV and you know that they’ve used your products it’s a bit of a pat on the back.” 

Shane works alongside five hardworking staff members and acknowledges that there have been challenges along the way. 

“There’s a lot of competition out there, so we genuinely focus on keeping our customers happy.” 

Weather conditions also play a large role in the success of Turfcare.

“We’re governed by the weather, when it’s wet and windy challenges start to arise. We’re probably busy about eight to nine months of the year. But come May, June and July?it’s a little bit quiet due to the cooler months.” ? 

As they experience some downtime, Shane believes he’s not ready to slow down just yet. 

“We’ve just put on another employee, so hopefully we’ve got a bit of growth fostering over the next couple of years.” 

Using this time wisely, Shane confesses that Turfcare is looking towards continued success having recently taken on a few new products. 

“I had a contact over from the UK last week discussing the new products we will start supplying nationally. Possibly encouraging the investment of a few more employees as the business grows.” 

Currently though, the Turfcare team pride themselves on exclusively providing clients around the nation with their leading product range Floratine. 

“They’re basically a liquid foliar, which are the ones we import form the US. It’s our flagship product because we’re the only ones in NSW who distribute it. My company in Qld distributes it too.”

Shane says that any inspiring managing directors in this industry should take note that, communication skills are vital to ensure survival in this trade. 

“Contacts are extremely important; our business is built on contacts. Relationships with customers make all the difference.” 

Turfcare NSW

He humbly admits, “there are other companies doing exactly what we’re doing, but the relationship you have with customers can encourage that sense of loyalty, and that’s very important as a business owner.”  

Patience is also an essential attribute to have. Shane suggests young entrepreneurs should put themselves out there, learn from their surroundings and meet as many people as they possibly can. 

“Have a go. If you want something, go out and get it. Initially the money isn’t too motivating, but eventually if you work hard enough and get to the top of your game, especially being a superintendent, whether you’re running a golf course or a stadium- you can do very well for yourself.”  

When asked if he could imagine himself doing anything else for a living, Shane confirms, “I’m happy doing this, it’s a great job. I like dealing with people! And I enjoy the challenge of covering all of NSW, QLD and Canberra.”? 

turfmate has recently appointed Turfcare NSW to distribute Fleet Paints throughout their territories. turfmate managing director Rob Jenkins says, “Shane and his team have a similar work ethic to our own sales force and they pride themselves in giving the best service around which is a perfect fit for a dealer of Fleet Paints.” 

Thanks Shane for your time and we wish the team at Turfcare all the best for the future.