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Turfcare NSW supply and distribute Floratine

Floratine is a 15 year old company that designs and manufactures turf products that deliver exceptional value and performance to clients who seek consistent quality and aesthetics on high use, intensively managed turfgrass.
The Floratine product range will provide your plants foliage with superior nutrients, carbon power and biostimulants (GA, Auxins and Cytokinins, your plant needs all three of these hormones to prevent an imbalance of turf growth). Soil Amendments will assist in nutrient content, balances and availability,sodium, chloride and bicarbonate reduction and better moisture and oxygen management. Wetting Agents will show superior soil penetration and premier retention and uniform distribution of moisture.


Your Turf is Under Stress

Turf Stress


Foliar Feeding has the potential of being extremely efficient!

Foliar vs. Granular Applications

Soild applied fertilizers are inefficient*

Foliar feeding can be 95% efficient**

*According to studies by the PPI (Phosphorus and Potash Institute), Univeristy of Iowa, The Fluid Journal and other university publications.

**According to radioisotope studies at Michigan State University and others.


Water Efficiency

EXAMPLE #1: Washing Fertilizers or Chemicals into the soil

8x Sprinklers applying 47L per Minute(190L/min)x 2 minute run time=376L of water (3,040L)
Application rates based off sprinkler manufacturers specifications.

EXAMPLE #2: Foliar applications utilizing Floratine products
Total Water needed to wash products into soil= 0
Water needed for one application= 36L (based on a green being 1,200 sq/m)

Utilizing Floratine foliar products every 14 days (as recommended) throughout a 12 month period you would use 936 Litres of H20 compared to 9,024 Litres if washing in chemicals and fertilizers every month over a 12 month period.


Floratine Testimonials

Adam Troth from Birrong Bowling and Sports Club

I have been using Floratine Products for the past 18 months, after supplying a FREE soil test, Simon Cooper advised me on what products to be used (“Prescription Without Diagnosis Is Malpractice”) Products that I have been using are Protesyn (sun in a jug), Carbon N (20:0:4 + 1% Mg), Per 4 Max (biostimulant), PK Fight (0:22:28) and Perk Up (8% Ca) all mixed together at 1 litre per product in my 80lt Enviromist sprayer, then every 2nd week Astron (biostimulant) instead of Per 4 Max. In this time I reduced my fertilizer application by half, the greens I have sprayed with Floratine have never been under stress in the hot and dry summer conditions that we have just had, also the plant is a lot healthier and the roots are twice as deep as last year.
I also used Tri Cal 35 SP (35% Ca), Pervade (soil penetrant) and Retain (retention agent) as soil drenches and wetters (wetting agents). Turgor (silicon based) was a product that I found great after wet conditions to keep the pace in the greens e.g.: after 6mm of rain on a Thursday night, I cut the green Friday morning, applied 2lts of Turgor through my Enviromist sprayer, lefton the leaf for 2 hours then rolled the green. On the Saturday for Premier League, the green ran an easy 15 seconds.

Jeff Simmes from Macquarie Links Golf Course NSW

My greens have never been as healthy- my fungicide budget was cut by 80% last year- only thing i have changed is utilising.

Phil Burke, Senoir Groundsperson Q.S.A.C

Since using the Floratine range with our regular programme, we have noticed vast improvements in the surface as well as the sub-surface.The combination of sustained colour, recovery & turf resistance are major improvements.

Michael Turner from Harbord Bowling Club

I can't beleive the surface i have after using Floratine for nearly six months. Floratine will be in my programme always.

Scott Olsen, Manager of the Wyong Race Track

Since I started using the Floratine products on our racetrack, we have found recovery, root growth and overall apperance of the turf exceptional. i put that down to 98% uptake of the products.

Steve Scollard, Manager of the Gosford Race Track

The only thing I have done differently this season is use Floratine products and the track is the strongest, healthiest, and best it has ever looked at this time of year.

Marshall Howarth from Monash Country Club

Since spraying Floratine, my roots have quadrupled in length in only six months.

Justin Bradbury from Bowral Golf Club NSW

Since using the Floratine products, the turf is much harder and the root system more vigorous, resulting in much better stress tolerance.

Brett Maurice from Warringah Golf Course

My greens have never looked better, since using Floratine I have more roots than i have ever had, being a highly used public course with in excess of 85,000 rounds per year, the greens recovery has never been so good!

Dane Anderson from Burleigh Heads Bowling Clubs

With play 6 days a week one major problem i have is wear. Usually by early winter the outer area of my greens are completely worn out... down to dirt. Since using floratines Turgor all greens have excellent density and complete turf cover. This is the first time i have seen the greens in such good condition throughout the whole year. The members are also impressed and amazed by the greens surface at this time of year.
The only thing i have done different this year is use floratine.